About us

An interview with Óscar Andrade, the founder of AC Náutica, who has been passionate about boats since his childhood. Through this interview, he tells us about his history and his vision of the nautical sector.


Our Story

Oscar Andrade discovered his passion for the sea at a very early age.

Today his passion for the sea remains a key part of his life.

In addition to other businesses, the Andrade family has enjoyed all levels of nautical sports and participated in competitive endeavors.

At age of 16, sponsored by Ron Holland, Óscar Andrade collaborates with improvements in the design of a new high-speed windsurf board.

40s old naval accessory. Ac Nautica keeps old family location in Vigo. Above, an old branding detail from “Efectos Navales Andrade S.A.” from “ISSA”, International Ship Suppliers Association.


In 1992, Oscar Andrade is part of the organization of the 1st Monotypes Race around Spain.

Ac Nautica has closely collaborated with improvements in the development of vanguard Jeanneau yachts: One design 35, 24, Sun Odyssey 33, Jeanneau mini Jod.


My father in 1942 set up his first nautical store in the same place we are today. Then my brother won the Motonautics championship and set up the first recreational boating shop in 1971, as it is known today in Spain.

The Andrade family is historically linked to business management and maritime enjoyment, both for boats and sports competitions.

Having lived through this from a young age has made a great passion become my profession, thanks to the experience that I have been able to acquire by participating in water sports competitions, collaborating with major brands in the maritime sector and always being surrounded by great professionals.

After fifteen years with my brother working as the main importer for Spain for Jeanneau Fairline or Johnson, we felt the need to cover a greater range of products. In addition to helping with our knowledge in the tasks that impose so many obstacles within the nautical sector.

When you are driven by passion for something, you only focus on knowing more about it, training, specializing and being the best on the subject. That has happened with AC Náutica. We love what we do and we are looking forward to sharing and helping those who really want to enjoy and respect this sport.

The sea has always been our passion and our engine. This has led us to want to become professionals in the sector and, in this way, to be able to help those who share our passion to enjoy it with enormous guarantees.

It is a company that wants to give Spain a voice in Europe in the nautical sector. We work with Dehler and other shipyards that offer quality boats.

In addition, we have a network of contacts throughout the European market which is one of the key points of AC Náutica. It makes the company a benchmark in Spain in boat management.