Generations Passionate about Nautica

In addition to different business related to marine market, it is common in Andrade family to enjoy all kinds of nautical sports and competitiveness from many generations back.

Establishment since 1942

Ac Nautica keeps old family location in Vigo. Above, an old branding detail from "Efectos Navales Andrade S.A." from "ISSA", International Ship Suppliers Association.

High Speed Windsurf Board

At age of 16, sponsored by Ron Holland, Óscar Andrade collaborates with improvements in the design of a new high-speed windsurf board.

Principal Dealer Murphy&Nye

Ac Nautica has developed a straight collaboration with the prestigous nautical brand Murphy&Nye in Spain during more than 15 years.

Ac Nautica Vision

Ac Nautica's vision in the yacht market is indisputable. At present, Ac Nautica more than ever maintains its sporting and high professionalism treatment, in a constant evaluation of the market and in search of the best offers for its clients.

Vigo Central Office

  c/ Luís Taboada 7, 36201 Vigo
  +34 986 432 112
  24h : +34 659 470 112
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